Saigon Kitchen Club offers diversified packages

Full day package

Full day package



- Free delivery for Dist.1, Dist.2 and Binh Thanh (Mon-Fri)

If your address is farer, shipping fee varies from 15,000 VND - 30,000 VND/ shipment.
Dist 12, Dist 6, Dist 9, Binh Chanh will be shipped and billed by Grab.

- FULL DAY Package includes 5 days delivery per week (3 meals/day) 1100-1250 calo/day. Balanced diet with slow carb for lunches and dinners.

- Meal's nutritional balance is carefully calculated to provide adequate energy for best metabolism and as well as help you to shape your body lines.
- This package works best for office workers (20-40 years old) loosing weight and body fat stablely with out much effort or training.


There is PLUS OPTION for male: +10,000VND/ meal and 980,000 VND/ 5 days delivery. (Calories provided are 1600-1700 calo/ day, meat and vegans are supplied with 1.4 times more)

BE healthier, brighter and more beautiful

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880,000 VND/ 5 days delivery

Lunch Package

Lunch Package


5 days delivery (Monday - Friday) for lunch sets.

- Nutritional balance is calculated by a nutritionist, cooked and spice-harmonized by professional chefs with fresh raw ingredients selection.

- Strictly no use of refined sugar, MSG or any artificial additives. 100% pure olive oil and natural solar sea salt.

- Lunch set includes 1 main dish, steamed or grilled veggies or fresh salad and a dessert which is fruit yogurt or assorted fruit.
- Free delivery within city center (5km from Nguyen Hue)  (Mon-Fri)
If your address is farer than 5km, shipping fee varies from 15,000 VND - 30,000 VND/ shipment.
 Dist 12, Dist 6, Dist 9, Binh Chanh will be shipped and billed by Grab.

(There is PLUS OPTION for male - +10,000 VND /lunch set).

Let's eat fresh, and live well

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450,000 VNĐ for 5 lunch sets in a week

How it works

Choose Your Package

Saigon Kitchen Club offers 5 main packages help you "Eat Balance" (LUNCH, FULLDAY) or "Weight Loss" (MALE DIET or FEMALE DIET ) or BODY BUILDING. Please select the package that you want to accompany with us. ----------------------------- * For 1 subscription, SKC replaces one ingredient that you don't want "free of charge", for the second ingredient replacement needed, please be informed that you will be charged 10% package price/ ingredient because we have to cook your meal separately

Choose Your Delivery Time

LUNCH package only provides with lunches, so the fixed delivery time is from 10: 00-11: 00. FULL DAY Package (3 meals/ delivery) is included with a breakfast so delivery time frames will be: 8:30-09:30; 09:30-10:30 , 10:30-11:30 hoặc 14:00-16:00 . If you receive meals from 14:00-16:00, you will have a dinner first and breakfast or lunch will be used the next day. Please "note" when ordering.

Choose Your Delivery Address

You will receive meals at a registered location. Please inform us address where you want to receive meals. * If you change your next day's delivery address, please inform us before 18:00 (06:00 PM)


Enjoy fresh and nutritious food. Save your time for shopping, preparing ingredients and cooking. Indulge in delicious and qualified meal. LIVE WELL! EAT WEEL!